N-tongue click-ai Pan

The roads in the Makgadikgadi are more what I thought the Kalahari would be like. Glad I filled the tank these deep sandy roads eat diesel up quickly. What I wasn’t expecting was to cross a river. Luckily it is the dry season and no need for the ferry just a little low range and across we go and up the other side. Now if the Zebra rolling around in the sand would just move I might make it up the steep incline in one attempt.

Campsite checked in and off to explore. Quickly come upon a Zebra kill with a gathering of vultures. There were lions, just not when I was there even though I sat around for quite sometime. They returned once I left. Sheesh, maybe that shampoo was a bee attractant but it seems to be a lion deterrent. But the day turned out to be full of wonder as a I saw Southern Ground Hornbills! Endangered and odd looking with a haunting hoot call.

There’s always the morning. Herds and herds of Zebra gather around the waterholes, great food source for the lions. Wildebeest, elephants and hippos. The Makgadikgadi is a collection of random roads, no real signs except for the important no entry. Otherwise you just drive and try and make it through the sand. Got tricky around hippo pools and almost had to dig myself out. Thank you difflock! I’ve had many questions about traveling alone and the reason etc. etc. but the gentleman in charge of the campsite was utterly confused. He has only seen “old men” do the trip alone and why. I tried in vain to explain he just shook his head and maybe tomorrow he’d understand better. Nope! After a fun and sandy day around Makgadikgadi the plan was to get  up in the am and head to Nxai Pan and Baines Baobab Tree etc. The salt pans are what I really wanted to see. Granted the wet season is when they are really layered and salt forming, dry season it’s more of a dried skin then crisp salt layers but it’s still epic.

The Baobabs with the salt pans all around are best seen at dusk. But the camps were full so daytime it is. This little island of other-worldly trees are spectacular. Here I meet fellow travelers Koos and Annika with lots of useful info for my future travels. After wondering about the islands and through the salt pans I ventured north with them to Nxai Pan. The road is deep sand, rutted , and one can easily be bounced out if you go too quick. They had a camper making the road that much harder and slower. I managed at a leisurely pace to make it to the Pan and the other massive Baobab. It looked like 4 slapped together. Still figuring out how to paste all the photos into one. I’ll post once I’ve got it. Made it there and back to camp only to get stuck whilst a convoy with a camper tries to drive by and we fish tail in the deep sand. We get close too, really close, but after digging out my rear tires and using a high-lift jack to push my cars butt to the left and their convoy to the right we are both free and on our way. Good thing they told me about the lions just up ahead. And then the elephants. Elephants chase lions away so my lion-free days continue. Can’t complain love spending time with Ellies. They are so peaceful and relaxing. I return to a full campsite with screaming kids. At least they had flushing toilets! It’s the small things, lol! Makes me miss the peace of the Kalahari. Off to Moremi via Maun in the AM.

I am the don fear me! White backed Vulture
Lappetfaced Vulture
Jackal vs. Vulture. I’m keeping my eye on you.
Southern Ground Hornbill!
Salt pan
Salt pan
Salt pan_1
Salt layer
One of the Baobabs.

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