Once more with feeling!

Here we go again. I’m back and full of excitement and angst. I made the 40+ hour journey again and was awoken this morning to Crested Barbets and Hadida Ibis calling. Now, I patiently more or less, await for the Springbok reunion. I have missed my four-wheeled wonder and I think my friends are tired of hearing bakkie stories and the tales of awesomeness, lol! Plan is simple, so far. After Springbok reunion, yay, a drive to the local grocery and re-acquaint myself with the left-sided, right-sided car/driving stuff and spend a couple lovely days in Joburg. Head north to Louis Trichard to pick up where I left off. And then off to the Kruger. Now the road conditions and the rain gives me some trepidation but it’s all part of the adventure. May need to by my first pair of gum boots. I’ll keep you all posted.

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