Bear of a time

Not quite the African Savannah but a quick weekend trip to Jasper and Banff for Father’s Day yielded some wonderful sightings.

A nice morning to visit the Glacier Skywalk over Sunwapta Valley. If you can brave the glass-bottomed walkway the views are spectacular.


The Glacier Skywalk overhangs the Sumwapta Valley. You can see the glass formation on the left hand side.


Plenty animals can be seen even if you do not have time to go hiking. Numerous lakes and rivers to stop at. Now if you could remember to stay in your car as these are wild animals and not pets, especially the bears. Never ceases to amaze me when people get out of their vehicles to get a better look or picture or what have you and it’s a Grizzly. Sheesh.

Robin and his breakfast
Mountain Goat precariously making his way down. Scraggly as his winter coat is shedding.
Big Horn Sheep also looking scraggly and needing a quick nap.

And it was a successful day for bear sighting as well.

Just a quick glimpse of this big boy. He was on a mission getting away from all the tourists.
This younger Black Bear found himself Dandelion heaven. He was so excited he laid down to eat them awlll.
Nom nom nom.
Gently plucking each succulent Dandelion at a time.
What? What?! Do I have something in my teeth?
Such a sweet face.
This older bear was still on the hunt covered in Dandelion fluff.


Not bad for a quick trip. Until next time.

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