Biker Dozen

Shakawe Lodge and campsite is nestled in Northen Botswana just a stones throw from Popa Falls (Namibia) and on the Okavango River. A beautiful and peaceful place to kick up your feet and watch the river and sunbirds go by.



Or take a evening boat cruise with the clear water but a boat ripple away from perfect reflection.



Watch the crocs sunbathing and the wee ones swimming.


Get stared down by Jack the hippo. The local lawn mower.


But for me it’ll be the biker dozen that I will remember when I think back to Shakawe. An exceptional group of gentleman. 12 friends from 3 different countries on bikes for Tour de Africa II. They embraced me into their group instantly and allowed me to join them on their river boat cruise, and even partake in their nightly court dishing out skulls. The debauchery and shenanigans were kept PG for me, sadly ;p. I have yet to feel so welcome so quickly by a group of complete strangers whom I now happily call friends. And you all deserve a skull from me. Thank you! I owe you and I do hope we meet again. I’d love to hear how stiflers birthday session went. Safe travel boys!


Off to Maun for supplies before Central Kalahari.

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