LeviOsa not LevioSA

Maun or rather Moan, although how they get the oa sound instead of au I’m not sure (it’ll remain a mystery of the english/botswani language), served as a quick supply stop. Springbok had his car service check-up, clean bill of health, prior to the trek to the Central Kalahari. Nice little camp spot on the not-so river at the moment. No camera store despite multiple assurances by locals. That’s what I get for leaving parts behind. However, as the Central Kalahari will have absolutely no amenities a solar shower was procured. Only I would go to Botswana to buy a solar shower made in Canada, Winnipeg, of all places. And a kind thank you to Marianna, Alta, Iliana and Johnny for the great company, stories, pojkie and braai, the beers were good too! Hope your travels to Savuti and beyond are amazing!

Off to the Kalahari! I’ve been warned of huge lions and sandy roads. One wheel in one wheel out, thanks Thys! Here’s hoping.

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